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1. Vision£º To be the world-class special carbon R.D & producing enterprise,


2. Core values: Intergrity, dedication, empowering.


3. Spirit of enterprise: Rely on the team, to be creative and progressive.


4. Quanlity policy: Adhere to the ¡°high-grade, multivariety¡± principle, improving the technology content of the product, serving the customer with first-class products and continuous service.


5. Quanlity goal:
1. Strengthen the quanlity managerment, improving product quanlity, making the product frequency rate passing 90% and the ¡¡factory product qualified rate 100%.

2. Focus on technology and science, constantly decelop new product, enhance the vigor and vatality of the company.
3. Satisfy the customer as the purpose, and make the satisfaction rate over 90%.


6. Enviroment goal: Standard pollution discharge, enlarge the green areas and improve the enviroment quality.


7. Occupation health and safety objectives: 1. To prevent serious accidends, major accidents and reduce normal accidents; 2. Staff 3-stage safety education rate 100%.

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